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Work experience opportunities open up to Queenslanders

Going geospatial

Queensland school students with an interest in maths, geography, IT and design can now find out if geospatial science holds a future study path for them.

Work experience placements will be organised at recognised geospatial science firms across the Sunshine State.

Likewise, following work experience with surveying firms being offered in New South Wales and Victoria for a number of years through Try Surveying, placements are now being facilitated between Queensland’s students and local surveyors.

Meet work experience student zeroLachlan Qld W.E. Richardson Survey Services 1

The first Queensland student to take advantage of this work experience opportunity is Lachlan James, who recently completed a stint with the surveying team at Richardson Survey Services in Beenleigh.

Lachlan is quick to confirm that the experience was a rewarding one. “I really enjoyed the week. Michael and Jeremy Richardson were great. It has increased my motivation to follow a career in surveying.

“Thanks for your help with all of this.”

Likewise, reports from the host firm were extremely positive. As company founder Michael Richardson puts it, “Lachlan was a nice guy and seemed to really enjoy the work and the business we are in.”

“He is local to us and we have an association with his school. Hopefully we will catch up with him again.”

Find out more about geospatial work experience

Career advisors, school students and parents can find out more about our work experience program and how to apply via the button below.

Those who are intrigued by surveying work experience opportunities and visit the Try Surveying website.

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