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As one begins to learn more and more about the fascinating profession of geospatial science, it quickly becomes clear that the best resource one can draw on is the expertise of those that have been working in the field for years.

In that respect, a podcast dedicated entirely to the discussion of spatial science, technology, practices and learnings would be an invaluable source of information.

On that score… meet A VerySpatial Podcast.

A spatial podcast that covers a lot of ground

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Since 2005, A VerySpatial Podcast has been home to in-depth conversations about geography, geospatial tech and the various applications the field can have. The podcast is hosted by three geospatial professionals – Jesse Rouse, Sue Bergeron, and Frank Lafone – and has even won an award for Special Achievement in GIS from ESRI.

Each episode, in-between the freshest geospatial news of the week at the top of the episode and the new ‘podsafe song’ that closes out each podcast, Jesse, Sue and Frank cover a wide variety of topics. It could be an interview with someone from the GIS industry, a spotlight on a geospatial event, a breakdown of a new piece of technology, or even all three. There are also tips of the week that discusses industry-relevant techniques or software, and a segment that highlights other geospatial websites out there in the wilds of the internet.

And with over 600 podcasts under their belt, you would expect A VerySpatial Podcast is a font of information.

You would be right!

Where A VerySpatial Podcast has been

What is clear immediately upon diving into the site is the sheer variety of angles the production team examine spatial study, work and data from. While one episode might unpack the technology used by spatial professionals, the next might look at the geographical information available about a fictional town in a fictional television show – as one episode does for Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s famous haunt Sunnydale – leaving the hosts to tease out a fun conversation about how realistic the writers were, and what we as viewers learnt about the physicality of the location from the data presented to us.

Taking a light-hearted approach to exploring geospatial science can be a wonderful entry point to the area for students who are beginning to learn about the complexities that this field harbours.

Listen in and listen up

If you like the sound of what you have read here, you will like the sound of the podcast itself. You can visit their site here.

Find out more about where an interest in geography, maths and spatial information can take you by checking out the Queensland Study Pathways page on this website here.

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