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What kind of salary will I get as a graduate or qualified geospatial scientist?

The geospatial science profession is experiencing a skills shortage – and one of the effects of this is that you can expect a strong starting salary once you have received your qualification.

In fact, graduates straight from study can walk into positions with starting salaries comparable to roles in fields like engineering, law and computer science.

Are there many geospatial jobs on offer?

With demand for geospatial scientists increasing and geospatial scientists being in short supply, there are currently a lot of jobs out there for qualified practitioners.

Many different industries rely on spatial information and the geospatial scientists who can process that data. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities in this profession to specialise – which means that if you have a special interest in another field and there are people in that field who see the potential of geospatial science, you may be able to find a specialisation that’s uniquely perfect for you.

And don’t forget, with spatial technology constantly developing, geospatial scientists with technical specialisations are also in high demand.

Is there an opportunity to travel for work?

With many qualifications recognised right around the globe, Australian-trained geospatial scientists can work almost anywhere in the world. Thanks to the growing number of ways that businesses and governments are using spatial information, you can find opportunities to work in a wide variety of environments across the world.

What prerequisites do I need to study geospatial science?

There are a variety of different qualifications you can study towards if you wish to work in geospatial science. Their entry requirements vary, although most of them have maths and science as core prerequisites. Information technology skills are also highly advantageous.

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