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Is geospatial science for me?

Are you good with IT? Do you have an interest in geography, science or design – or maybe all three? If you’re answering yes, geospatial science could be the ideal career path for you.

The geospatial scientist spends their time analysing how people utilise the physical space around them. As such, you’ll also benefit from having great organisational skills, being an adept problem solver, and being able to work both by yourself and as part as a team.

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What is it like to study geospatial science?

Studying geospatial science offers lots of interesting and diverse experiences – and a chance to make a real impact on the world.

You’ll get a good sense of that during your studies, which mix classroom theory with hand-on practical experience. You’ll definitely get stuck into some intriguing projects!

Thanks to smaller than average class sizes, you’ll be better able to get to know your fellow students than you might do in another course. That makes for a great support network throughout your studies, with more chances to forge friendships with like-minded people.

What are the job prospects like?

With this technology constantly improving, there are more ways than ever for geospatial scientists to push the field forward – but there aren’t enough geospatial scientists working to fulfil the need, making geospatial science a profession that offers excellent job prospects.

You can find work in industry, government and research roles, plus there are plenty of opportunities in the private sector as well. Starting salaries out of university are generally in excess of $50K – and on top of that, an Australian geospatial scientist’s qualifications are recognised right across the world, giving you the flexibility to work at home or abroad.

Ultimately, this is an industry that attracts passion. After all, a role that encourages problem solving and intelligence while offering you the chance to help improve the world does that.

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