Demand for geospatial scientists

The Good Education Group findings

There’s never been a better time to get into geospatial science!

With an average weekly wage of a geographic information systems (GIS) officer is currently $1,532, things are looking good for geospatial science graduates. According to The Good Education Group, which publishes The Good Careers Guide, there are also strong future growth forecast for the sector, and below average unemployment rates.

The guide reports that there a number of major employers hiring GIS officers, including federal, state, territory and local government organisations; statutory authorities; and private companies involved in land use, planning and management.

Much of the time, GIS officers are working to develop specialist solutions in environmental, business and development activities.

The data manager at Good Education Group, Ross White, reports that science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) graduates are considered highly employable thanks to their specialised, transferable skills.

And with less people entering these fields, the demand increases.

If you’re science, maths, engineering or technology inclined, consider a career where you will have an impact on the world while enjoying great pay and job opportunities.

Source: STEM graduates earn more money and are more likely to land a job,

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With geospatial science job prospects in such good shape, now’s the time to read more about your study options.