Help promote geospatial science

Are you a geospatial scientist who wants to champion your profession?

If so, there are plenty of ways you can help.

With a documented skills shortage affecting the geospatial science field, we need industry ambassadors to put up their hands to promote the profession at careers expos, in the workplace and at selected special events.

Becoming an industry ambassador is a rewarding experience that gives you the opportunity to inspire, one-on-one, the young people that will make up the future members of the profession. That is – those that will push geospatial science forward into the mid-21st century, and beyond.

To express your interest, simply fill out the webform below.

Ambassador resources

To help you prepare for a stint as a geospatial science industry ambassador, we have supplied a few documents that will support you. They include:

  • A presentation checklist
  • A presentation PDF document

You can access them by clicking on the buttons below.

Presentation checklist
Presentation PDF

Brand story video

You can download a high quality version of the Geospatial Science brand story video by clicking on image below. This will take you to a Dropbox link.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further support and advice.

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