Geospatial Revolution

Want to learn even more about geospatial science?

An initiative from Penn State Public Broadcasting in the United States, Geospatial Revolution is a four-part documentary series that gets into the ins and outs of what geospatial means for today’s world. Even better, it’s available online for free!

In each 15 minute episode, Geospatial Revolution highlights a multitude of ways in which geospatial science affects the way we live, the information we can wield to better society, and the way we go about doing our jobs.

For students, this is a great way to take a deeper dive into the world of geospatial. For teachers and career advisors, these videos are terrific resources for empowering and enthusing your students.

You can watch the trailer for the series below, then find the four episodes of Geospatial Revolution online here.