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Connecting students with the right career path

Students with an interest in I.T., geography, maths, design and the outdoors may not realise that their interests align very well with future professions in the geospatial industries.

Excitingly, with access to the right information, finding their way to the career path that’s perfect for them is easy.

That’s where our career resources come into play. Secondary school students in Queensland will find them illuminating, instructive and inspirational. As a career advisor, you can help connect these interested students with a study path they might not otherwise knew existed.

Best of all, these geospatial science career resources are absolutely free. You can order yours below.

What geospatial science offers

Considering it is something that not many people have heard of, geospatial science sure does have a big impact on our day-to-day lives.

For students looking for a career path that’s right for them, the field is more than a fascinating area to study. Not only is it a opportunity to produce location-based data and intelligence that helps shape the world – there are also high rates of employment upon graduation, along with strong starting salaries.

On top of the career resources you can request for free below, you and your students can find a lot of information on how geospatial science works as a field of study and as a career option while reading this website. Here is a smart place to start.

Order your free resources

It always pays to have resources on hand, ready for your students if they should ever request them.

Here’s your opportunity to stock up on complimentary printed resources – we’ll even post them through to your careers office free of charge. In the section below, please select the resources you would like to order, and how many you would like of each.

Bring a geospatial professional to you

You can also request an ambassador to give a presentation to students or to attend your next career event.