A Day in the Life of a Geospatial Scientist

It’s time to step onto Heron Island…

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a geospatial profession is like? Well this web series, produced with Karen Joyce from She Maps, offers a unique chance to find out!

If we are being honest, there is no standard day – or even week! – for a geospatial scientist. All the same, this web series gives you a taste of the sort of variety and excitement a geospatial scientist can expect – as well as a good look at some of the cutting edge technology they get to interact with!

Taken in full, this web series paints a complete picture of Karen’s week-long visit to Heron Island for a field work project. We have collated the 10-part series together below. Start your journey into the life of a geospatial scientist now!

For teachers, two additional videos have been produced that will put this series into an educational context. You can find these videos on our resources page.

Inspired to try geospatial for yourself?

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