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Announcing the winners of the Geospatial Information Competition

The 2019 winners have now been decided! Chase and James’ winning entry really wowed the judges.

Find out what they submitted – and who received runners-up prizes – by clicking below.

Monitor and observe


Define and protect

Plan and design

Map the environment

Create solutions

Geospatial scientists tell you WHAT you need to know about a WHERE, and WHEN

WHAT is geospatial science?

Geospatial science is one of the most important fields of study you’ve never heard of. In a nutshell, geospatial scientists collect, analyse and model data based on a particular location, then use creative ways to map or represent the data simply and meaningfully.

They build a deeper understanding of this data, including how it relates to the surrounding environment and the ways it changes over time. What they learn can help shape every aspect of your world.

You can watch a video explaining the ins and outs of geospatial science if you click on the link below.

WHERE can you find geospatial science in your life?

We use spatial information to understand everything about the world around us.

Have you ever considered just how often you use maps every day? Google Maps, the SatNav in your car, SnapMaps, Pokemon Go, Google Street View, Uber, finding a pizza, Twitter, catching a train, tracking a flight, Find My Phone… even your photos tag where you are.

All of this is spatial information. It’s the connection of people to location and location to data.

WHEN can you find out if geospatial science is the field for you?

You can learn how to achieve a geospatial science qualification right now. If you’re interested in geography, science, technology, visual arts and IT – plus you like to find solutions to challenging projects – geospatial science could be for you.

Across this site you’ll find videos and articles. You’ll learn about the kind of life a geospatial scientist leads, and the impact you could have on our future environment.

You’ll uncover the study paths into the profession – which would give you intelligence to shape your world!

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